Recommended Photographer | Newborn Session

Recommended Photographer

Recommended Photographer for newborn photography

We got recommended by a client to take baby Darryl’s newborn photography session. What we are truly glad is we didn’t really ask our client to write anything for us and she did it unconditionally. This is really heartening which we thought we should share with you if you are feeling less hopeful for some reasons.

So we are definitely taking an opportunity to thank all our existing and returning customers who continue to place trust with us. We specialize in newborn photography, baby photography, children photography, maternity photography and family photography be it outdoor, studio or at your home. We also take commercial editorial work and event photography if our style matches your needs!

To some of you out there who have been speaking for us, writing for us and recommending your network. I am truly thankful!

Christmas is coming I take this opportunity to wish you Merry Christmas!

Let’s start jingling the bells to Christmas!

Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle all the way! Hohoho…

Carry your bonding and hopes in life

Being a pet photographer is probably an aspiration

Pet Photographer | Newborn Photography

Being a pet photographer is probably an item on my wishlist

Don’t forget them, especially when you had them when they were as young as 3 weeks old. The time you spent with them is greatly appreciated, and it is no doubt why they get a little jealous or ignorance to your little one.

When you have a baby, it is natural that you’ll start to think about allergies and sometime it’s so compelling that you may want to give your other half to a better family who can still care for them.

While there maybe other circumstances which drive us to make a choice, the Tan family isn’t paranoid about having their pet dog – Xiaobai going near their newly born baby. And I was really astonished when I first arrive at their door expecting a fierce bark from their dog. But it was entirely different.

What I saw when I arrived at their home was a little fluffy fellow running towards the door with a two ‘short’ woofs as if he is expecting someone. With a warm personality, he ran out to me when the door open and started licking me. I guess that is a welcoming sign, and started believing that this session is going to turn out very well.

But I was wrong, because things doesn’t always go with our positive feelings. The first half of the session was extremely challenging because baby wasn’t into deep sleep. And Xiaobai is a culprit as well, because he kept coming to send his love to us.

So with two and a half hours gone, it is usual that I go for my short break before I resume work.

Back at work, things are much smoother because baby start to go into deep sleep after his second fed. But we only manage to get some simple shots of him and Xiaobai in our vintage tub. And before we can go further, it is another two hours gone for the third feeding session.

Lady luck greeted us as we get more productive with baby cooperating through the session. We were really thankful because seeing the images work for our client is definitely rewarding!

Newborn Photography meant a lot to us because we place close attention to your baby comfort. While it may sound long for a five hour session, most time is spent waiting for baby to go into sleep while we exchange little chat with you. No rushing, because a total experience is what we believe in developing with you since the start.

Home Maternity Photography

Home Maternity Photography

Home Maternity Photography

A maternity photography as a gift for a best friend may sound a little strange but the thoughts matter. This is what Joe-ann has prepared as a surprise for her best friend -Denise’s pregnancy. And what goes behind this gift is really a handful of coordination work while keeping it as secretive as possible. At least, that’s where our imagination took us to ponder how this is going to work!

But thankfully, things are just perfect because weather is great with good natural light and the neighborhood has got this rustic look. While it may sound like we didn’t do our homework, we did look around the area with google prior before the photography session. And on the actual day of the photo shoot, things just got better when we were travelling to Denise’s place.

Tjin Lee | A Newborn Photoshoot For Baby Jake

Tjin Lee

Tjin Lee | A Newborn Photoshoot For Baby Jake

A little man theme, and a huge coincidence because we have a jumpsuit on the way which matches our client’s expectation.

So when Tjin Lee told us about what she hope to see from her newborn session, we thought ourselves if we could really be that lucky!

On the day of the photography session, we began the session with a little chat to share about how our session works to keep our client assured that the best interest is given to her baby.

The session flows pretty well with more focus for family photography, while we took every opportunity to photograph her number 1. He’s really adorable and has a huge interest for automotive or anything that has wheels.

Initially, it was pretty hard to get his attention as his eyes are all fixed on the wheels but we manage to get him excited when we show him some wheelies that we got in our luggage. This time, we got his attention looking at us with that glow and excitement!

Don’t miss that particular picture because it happens to be our client’s favorite as well!

Well, we know it is a newborn photography session but you know when a newborn baby needs a feeding break, it can stretch between 45 minutes to an hour so we need to get ourselves some fun as well!

Newborn Photography with Giselle on the 14th day

newborn photography

Newbon Photography with Giselle

Meet little Giselle, we did her newborn photography on her 14th day with a little expectation from us to give her a little extra comfort as she wanted a undisturbed sleep session after her milk. Well, this is common you know, a lot of my little bosses expect this especially during the first part of the session. So what we do, is we still try something simpler before we go for a lunch break.

Sounds unproductive, but the truth is, it’s not going to work if we keep pressing. So we usually let baby rest that additional hour of break, while we grab a quick bite and think over what is needed for the next part of the session. And whether this coincide with your expectation, because every families have their own preferences.

This reminds me of my conversation with a dad who asked about how we master the skills needed for newborn photography and whether we have attended any formal training. The truth is there isn’t much training in local except parenting craft which provides some technical skills that can be transferred over as techniques for newborn photography session.

And in learning, I always believe that there’s only two ways. You get it from someone experience through training classes or you simulate the entire process behind your back brain, process every details and put it to the best use.

There are just many different situations in every sessions but it is a job that needs special attention not just in creative visual.

Events Photography – Bits and Pieces from Baby Jake’s Celebration at Luxe Sydney

events photography

Events Photography | Luxe Sydney | Little Jake

In every event, there’s always a theme and this is usually the brainchild of a loving mother who would sacrifice some sleep hours google-ling for decorations, door gifts, venue and many other things which is easy to miss if you trust the job to me!

I was fortunate to cover for Jake’s full month celebration and was really impressed when I first stepped into Luxe Sydney located at 1 Keong Saik Road. The entire venue was filled with very stunning natural light, extremely cozy and it is mostly open concept where you get to peek inside the kitchen, knowing what’s next on the serving.

Unusual from most events, I was hired earlier to cover the preparation for the event which I get to roam around the venue freely to do my work. It is also heartening to see most of the preparations were done by Tjin, John and some of their friends who arrived earlier. I personally felt it is equally important to have photographs of the event’s preparation as part of the journal for personal memories!

So here you go, hope you would enjoy!

Pet Photography with Baby Matteo

Pet Photography

Pet Photography with Baby Matteo

It has always been something which I wanted to attempt with newborn photography for families who keep pets. It’s rather challenging because it’s tough not knowing what will happen if we put your little bunny beside your baby, and most importantly, we are rather skeptic about allergy reactions as well. Why? I got a severe allergy rhinitis and sinusitis, so I know how bad it get when I get my lapse.

But look at the bright side, because having little companions beside your baby can make a difference for your photograph. All we need is just a little caution to be sure that they don’t hop onto your baby or get a little nib.

In this session, we are fortunate to photograph baby Matteo & his little bunny companion which we attempted some basic introduction before the actual photo was taken to be sure that he smell family!

Adding on, we also add on some new props during this session for an idea pondering during last year, and it did work! We managed to have a sitting pose for baby Matteo.

Special thanks to Shanny and Waitat for their patience during the photography session.

Oops, did I forget to mention that I lost my way when I was going to their place in an urban city?

Just for a laugh and have a good long weekend celebrating SG50 & national day with your family!

Home family photography

home family photography

Where else is more comfortable than your own home?

Home family photography works the best if you have little ones with you. It is also the best place because you will definitely be less tense, looking the most natural in your family photo.

Believe it or not, majority of us will think that it’s not going to work if we are going to do it at home because we are shaped to think this way – Does it really work?

Well, it really depends. Say if you lived in a beautiful home, and you are used to the conventional way of going to a studio for your photograph then it is likely that the photography session may not turn as well.

This is the real secret behind every photography session. Your mood is the most important when it comes to photography while the techniques and experience of a photographer does compliment a session through creating comfortability and assurance. But there’s always a limitation on what a photographer can do.

So in order to get good images, it is ideal to go after your preference than getting a deal because if the session doesn’t go well, you’ll still be happy. Isn’t that easy?

We are happy to be able to work with the Li family for their family portrait at their cozy home and it was really a breeze for us even if it is the first time we are photographing a young adult!

Home Photography for Newborn Photo Shoot

Home Photography

Home Photography for Newborn Photo Shoot

Doing newborn photography at home is the best option if you think you are not ready to take on unexpected challenges when you are travelling to a studio. While it is not difficult to care for a newborn baby, it can be quite an awkward situation especially for first time parents if things doesn’t work your way.

This explains why some families prefer newborn photographers for on-location work, also known as home session. It is also much more comfortable and relaxing if you wait at home, having ample time to attend to your baby.

In addition, you can still expect similar results to a natural light studio. Eventually, it is still natural light which we are using for the softer and natural look.

Hope you would love this series of images which is done at our client’s premise!

Natural Light Photographer | What I love about natural light?

natural light photographer

I am a natural light photographer and natural light is a beautiful light source for photography. It is also more natural and gentle for my genre of work. My work focus a lot on newborn, children and family photography which are done at home or an outdoor location.

Using natural light is simple, without the need to adjust lighting. And this works very well when we need to work with subjects like newborn baby and children when we have to keep the session simple and smooth. Natural light also gives a warm touch to images, especially when family photography is concern, this portray the right tone for your family pictures.