Newborn Photoshoot with the Tan Family

Newborn Photoshoot

Newborn Photoshoot with the Tan Family

It was a splendid experience for us to serve the Tan Family. While the session wasn’t easy, it turns out well with a little patience, which comes from the understandings and trust given by our customers.

A lot of times, you may hear families crediting the effort to us on the patience and dedicated attention which we provide for their baby. But the truth is the families themselves have given as much during the photography session by being understanding and helpful.

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Learn Photography from your camera

Learn Photography
product photography

Learn Photography From Your Camera

If you ever thought of learning photography and you can’t find help. You can probably try reading from your image details. With today’s technology, and literacy, it is easy to learn the basics of aperture, shutter speed and iso. Forget the rest of the information first because if you get these three right, you will never have to pass those memories.

I believe there’s a lot of ways which human can learn and one of them is being inquisitive. It is also where great discoveries were made. Apart, let’s just stick to what’s beautiful about it – the ability to learn on your own. Depending on how good you want to be, the efforts count with trials and limiting variables.

To learn from your camera, the first thing you need to do is to keep your camera in auto mode allowing your camera to decide what settings is right for aperture, shutter and iso. To understand this, you need to look at your camera screen for the settings or you can do so by doing a right click on the image you taken to study the settings.

Set the camera dial to auto mode

Learn Photography

Right click on image, select properties using your computer

Image Properties

Next, decide on what you want to focus. Find a subject on the scene to learn about what’s aperture. Take a few pictures of the subject in close up and faraway situation. See how the image changes according to the aperture used by the camera.

Next, proceed to a different scene where you see motion. Try to photograph static as well as moving subjects on the same scene. See how the shutter speed changes between the scenes.

Finally, to learn ISO, simply take pictures of same scene in the day and night. See how the ISO changes according to available light.

When you are able to understand how these settings interact to the output of an image, you can start to shoot in aperture or shutter priority repeating the same process again. This will give you a little control to two different settings which you can calibrate for that right scene.

Depending on the genre you prefer, there’s other skills needed to make photography easier. Communication is definitely one, if you love doing portrait work. It is one of the ways to keep your subject comfortable, and natural while you are working with them. Knowledge and experience will help solve challenges which may arise during photography.

Hope this is interesting for you. Feel free to share this with your friend if they just picked up a camera!

Disclaimer: The images used in this article is meant as visual illustration only. Buying a camera is about finding one which fits your hand, budget and most importantly addresses to your needs.

Why Hire Family Photographer?

family portrait

Why Hire Family Photographer?

Having a beautiful family photo is something precious that most of us would not denied. What goes behind the scene during a family photo-shoot is as easy as setting up a camera on a tripod, putting it on a self-timer and shooting it as many times as you can to get that piece of image right for you.

But you can also hire someone to your place to get it done for you as it is much more efficient and less frustrated if you have seniors or very active kids around. Depending on individual, your background might just be a simple wall of your favourite color or something interesting which is unique to your home.

In this episode, we bring you a simple family portrait which I did at home using an empty wall with only natural light. We also show you how you can do a quick fix to turn those ugly shadow into something that is much more pleasant to the eyes. For a finer retouch work, time will play a part depending on the situation and individual expectations.

It’s entirely different again when we take it on to the printer, where the quality check process restarts itself.

family portrait

Children Room Decoration | Photo Frames | Step by step guide to decorate your children room

Children Room Decoration
Children Room Decoration

Children Room Decoration

The year is coming to an end again and it is a good time to get those pictures you have taken to be printed. Sort them out and have them hang in your children room. Our quick fix guide will help you on how you can do it yourself.

Hanging pictures on the wall can be a challenge, but you can keep things simple if you follow our guide:

The first thing you need is to consolidate those images which you have taken in the past, filter them, and keep them in a computer folder before you shortlist them for prints.

Find images which flow seamlessly based on your own aesthetic preferences, make adjustment to the images for their contrast and saturation before you send them out for print.

The next step is picking a photo frame which works for you. In this picture, I am using an Ikea Ribba photo frame which is really affordable and there’s a wide variety of frames design with a few color options. For larger frames, they comes with two mounting bracket which are inserted at the side of the backboard. For safety reasons, I prefer to punch my own holes for additional assurances. Below is an illustration for reference:


If you prefer a customize photo frame, visit your your neighborhood craftsman. The pricing varies according to frame designs and dimension. The advantages of having a customize photo frame is in its quality, and built. Customize frames are permanently sealed to prevent mold and moisture. They also have various options for different mounting needs. To add on, customize frames is sturdy because they are made to last.


Next, you need to decide on the prints from your shortlisted photographs. Personally, I will prefer having a focus. In my case, I have printed the sibling photographs in S8R size with four smaller ones at the side.

For photographs, it is best to print in matt surface to reduce light reflection from the photo. To eliminate reflection from the glass, you can remove it from the photo frame. This gives a unique look for your wall display. Don’t worry about dust because it is much easier to brush them off directly as compared to glass.

Finally, it’s time to decide on the layout for the photo frames. To avoid mistakes, arrange them on the floor until you are pleased. Next, use a pencil to mark the wall with an empty frame. Always, start with the frames at the center of your layout before you do the marking for those on the sides. Remember to give some allowances between each frames. To have a uniform gap between each frames, mark the sides of the frames on your wall.

Once you are satisfied, you can start nailing your first hook. For ease and convenience, you can consider Takker which is a tool for punching hangars into various type of walls. You can Google or Youtube to find out more information.

Hope the quick fix works for you!

Black and White Photograph | What is special about black and white?

Black and white photograph
newborn photography

Above illustration requires viewing over desktop/laptop PC.

Black and white photograph

Back in the early days when the first camera is made. It is just monochrome, also known as black and white photograph. Without technologies advancing, we can never have our colorful photographs today.

That being said, photography has also evolved itself. Less photographers process black and white photograph these days but they exist because of a reason. Black and white photographs are best known to reduce distraction and they often look journalistic as well if you are photographing street work or covering an event.

Having less distraction in a photograph is a good way to bring focus to the subject. It offers clarity to your expressions. And it could also be a moment worth remembering, unfortunately the colors and the background creates a distraction.

This is also the reason why we convert some images into black and white photograph because colors and backgrounds can be distracting at times. Lastly, black and white photographs offer a classic and artistic look which is timeless!