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Why Do Children Photography?

Their Childhood

children photography

It lives with them as they grew, a childhood starts right from the day you bond with them.

Their innocence doesn't stay forever

Children photography is one of the best way to preserve those elusive moments which are easily forgotten.

Your Memories

It is those growing up memories that will last a lifetime!

When/Where To Do Children Photography?

Consider as early as toddler’s stage if you are intending to preserve a childhood for them. It is also a memory for you and your family. The best time is really when they just started walking. This is also when you can see the best of their personalities, and their expressions.

Going outdoor is the best place to consider for children photography. There are many places that are worthy for thoughts. They include the usual playgrounds, beaches, water plays and even a short walk along the rustic shop houses. Believe us, you will be amazed by the contrasting results!

Our Fees

children photography


Our Session Fee covers for our time and work with your choice of having your photography done at home or an outdoor location.

A gallery with retouched images would be setup 3 to 5 days after the photography session for you to choose your favorite images.

Your total investment will depends on the add-on from the prints and packages that you chosen. For packages, you can view them via our promotion page (scroll down for details)

Newborn Photography Pricing

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