Cute Newborn Photography | Pilot Greg

Little Greg made an amazing debut for us on our latest airplane which was built over a week. We were lucky enough because his mummy spotted our project over instagram where we posted some really down to earth shots from the making of our props. Disclaimer here, if you are heading down to view those images, they don’t look cute or angelic in any way.

The actual story goes like this, it was over the Christmas when we were contacted by his mummy about her interest in engaging us and halfway over finishing because we ran out of spray can!

With slightly more than 48 hours including the day after Christmas, we got the prop sprayed in the colors that we thought may work best for both girls and boys. But the truth is my props were already packed in case the spray can’t dry over the next day, fortunately it turns out well on the following day thus we swapped out all the props with this newly built plane with a little bit of smell.

So when we reached our client’s home, we were glad that somehow things sync naturally and she have sort of guessed right based on the photographs on our instagram. One of those things that were mentioned was the small propeller on our fan which we did on a teaser. It is really heartfelt to have families who appreciate the efforts that we made while we continue to try our best to create better newborn images for your family.

Herewith, my sincere thanks to this family for their invited lunch ~ one of my fullest, the trip back home and most importantly for believing in us!