Newborn Photography

newborn photography

The way you were taught right after you deliver and what is provided then has changed dramatically since 2009. I remember during my first child, there was some education for breast feeding but it wasn’t as emphasize until two years ago when I was in the hospital again going through the same old thing but this time round, they were very serious about imparting the techniques and experiences to you making regular rounds to make sure you get the help you needed.

The changes then create a need for a longer session because you need more time and frequencies for breast feeding. So in 2011, I decided to change my newborn photography session from two hours to five hours allowing the maximum breaks and frequencies you can get for your baby, slowing down and standardizing the way your baby is handled to maximize their comfort during the photography session. It also includes a 15 minutes session talk to help you understand how your baby is handled, knowing you better and how I would make that difference for your baby.

A simple way to look into this will be a consideration of the time needed for one feeding with a short break, that’s probably going to take 30-45 minutes away from your newborn photography session. If the session provides two hours of work, you are left with slightly more than an hour to photograph the newborn baby. In such scenario, it will be tough to make the session comfortable and even harder to commit the minimum images produced.

A newborn photography session that is up to five hours long only provides sufficiently for your baby with maximum comfort in mind. We can only have three working periods with two for feeding based on an average duration of 45 minutes if everything goes smoothly. And when more breaks are needed, having a five hour session will make a huge difference and an experience that you never forget!

The illustration made above is based on my five years of photographing newborn babies, with constant reviews on the ideal practice in doing newborn photography. Making a session comfortable remains a priority with your assurance in mind.