Newborn Photography

(Image Collection from 2015)


newborn photography

Our newborn photography session is up to 5 hours, you will never be worrying that your baby couldn’t get any forms of break for their milk and hugging time!


newborn photography

We start our session with a chat to help you understand the flow of our session, how your baby will be handled, and how some shots are done. We believe having lesser anticipation is a better experience for you!

Beautiful Images

newborn photography

Most importantly, if you like what we do here, then it is our job to keep the highest quality of work for your lasting moments. After all, newborn looks only last that few days!

Our Fees

Our home session fee for newborn photography starts from $250 at your home which covers for our time and work. A gallery of retouched images would be setup 3 to 5 days after the photography session for you to choose your favorite images.

Your total investment will depends on the add-on from the prints and packages that you chosen. For packages, you can view them via our promotion page (scroll down for details)

We only take home sessions for newborn babies below 10 days of age. Props and setup are included. If there is something that you like from our past work, we are more than glad to bring it for your session as long as it is within our packing limits. Our props collection spans from handmade props that we made ourselves, some from local artist and main bulk from unique collectibles.

Newborn Photographer

Working with newborn babies take a lot of time and it is often misunderstood because we have to take into consideration, the time needed for baby to be fed, and rest after being fed. Sometimes, baby turns fussy and we have to allow your baby to rest as well. This is about the comfort of your baby.

Packages and Preparations Guide

newborn photography preparations
Newborn Photography Pricing

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