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Our Story

Newborn Photographer

Fueled by a strong passion, EPISODE Photography was started in 2009 by John who just picked up photography as an interest. Specializing as a newborn photographer was a really tough journey because handling a baby who is below a week of age required more than just experience. It took him nearly 3 years before he came up with a specific framework that is safe and comfortable for the baby. This framework is based on what he has learnt from parenting classes which he attended when he first became a dad. Such sharing session has since earned him trust and credentials from families who continue to refer their friends and relatives.

The unique part about working with EPISODE Photography has to be the customized props which come from various collections. To add on, there are a few that were hand made by John. Most families choose EPISODE Photography for their newborn photo-shoot session because these props are simply cute and hard to resist!

Our Unique Work Consists of Props That Are Made In House & Collectibles From Around The World!

*Limited sessions every month

"We'll loved to photograph your family as much as you loved your kids!"

Although most of our assignments are from newborn, baby, children and family photo session, we do take event assignments for corporate functions, birthdays, ROM and weddings as well. Drop us an email to find out more!

Newborn Photography is for babies between 5 to 8 days old. We follow a rigid framework in conducting our sessions to keep you assured and your baby comfortable.

baby photography

Photographing baby is an absolute fun and always filled with giggles and hysterical laughter. We take babies from 4-5months onwards depending on your baby motor development.

children photography

Toddler or Children Photography works the best from 1 year of age right at the start when they take their very first step with you.

Family Photography is the most popular every year, it is what we thought works in general for everyone. Most importantly, it brings you together!

Our process is simple and minimal from the start of the booking.

Selection of images is done through a secured online gallery that you can access from anywhere on your mobile phone.

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