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Photographing newborn

Photographing newborn the easy way

Photographing newborn the easy way One of the most challenging issue in newborn photography session is how we get your baby to be asleep when we are photographing them. It is always seen as an easy task by most families during the first week because your baby seems to be sound asleep after you fed […]

Home Children Photography

Home Children Photography

Kids Photography This is the second part for the Thiemens family after we photograph Little Riley. There are some usual portraits, and some fun-filled photos with the siblings taking a splash in their pool! Well, my favorites are definitely the ones we had at the pool. It is much more memorable to me because you […]

Baby Photography

Baby photography | Little Riley

Baby photography | Little Riley I have served the Thiemens family since Riley's birth when I was hired to take her newborn photographs. She was so small then, and I could barely imagine how she look now at one year old. We plan a simple session for Riley to capture her first year milestone although [...]
Family Photography

Newborn and Family Photography | Keeping it Simple

Alot of calls kept coming and most questions were asking if you could do Newborn Photography if your baby has passed that golden week - 5th to 10th day period. The short answer is yes but here's one good reason why families do it during the first two weeks! It is normal that babies start to come [...]
Singapore Newborn Photographer

Little Sophia | Singapore Newborn Photographer

Little Sophia Newborn Session by Singapore Newborn Photographer It is the most significant part for any record, because that two weeks look never stay, after they start developing. Either they look more you or your spouse! And having a record for your little one doesn't mean you have to look stunning, because if you ever flip through [...]
Family Portrait

Family Portrait with the McCoo

Family Portrait with the McCoo It is always interesting to see different families in their homes but yet the most beautiful thing about doing family portrait is that mutual connections in the family when little unexpected incidents take place, we get to watch and capture their moments together. But don't get us wrong, it is also great [...]
family photo studio

Studio Photography | Family Photoshoot

Family Photo Studio In a family photo studio, you get an amazing range of color backdrops which you get to match your favorite colors with your family theme. But this isn't a color that I would pick, because I will prefer the neutral range which are easier to blend. Fortunately, we gave it a try when our [...]
Recommended Photographer

Recommended Photographer | Newborn Session

Recommended Photographer for newborn photography We got recommended by a client to take baby Darryl's newborn photography session. What we are truly glad is we didn't really ask our client to write anything for us and she did it unconditionally. This is really heartening which we thought we should share with you if you are [...]
Pet Photographer | Newborn Photography

Being a pet photographer is probably an aspiration

Being a pet photographer is probably an item on my wishlist Don't forget them, especially when you had them when they were as young as 3 weeks old. The time you spent with them is greatly appreciated, and it is no doubt why they get a little jealous or ignorance to your little one. When [...]
Home Maternity Photography

Home Maternity Photography

Home Maternity Photography A maternity photography as a gift for a best friend may sound a little strange but the thoughts matter. This is what Joe-ann has prepared as a surprise for her best friend -Denise's pregnancy. And what goes behind this gift is really a handful of coordination work while keeping it as secretive as possible. At least, that's where [...]
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