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Newborn Safety and Comfort

Newborn Safety & Comfort Newborn safety and comfort is about creating a conducive environment for the purpose of photographing your baby. Speaking from experiences, a comfortable newborn session means your baby is not disrupted from his sleep and feeding routine. It is not about patting your baby to sleep, but how your baby continue a [...]
Learn Photography

Learn Photography from your camera

Learn Photography From Your Camera If you ever thought of learning photography and you can't find help. You can probably try reading from your image details. With today's technology, and literacy, it is easy to learn the basics of aperture, shutter speed and iso. Forget the rest of the information first because if you get [...]
Find Newborn Photographer

Find Newborn Photographer

Find newborn photographer in Singapore There are ways too many choices when it comes to photography. But specializing in newborn photography requires experience, handling skills, baby knowledge and patience. In fact, most of the time, you will have so many options which is a huge distraction. Thus you may turn down an opportunity to preserve [...]
family portrait

Why Hire Family Photographer?

Why Hire Family Photographer? Having a beautiful family photo is something precious that most of us would not denied. What goes behind the scene during a family photo-shoot is as easy as setting up a camera on a tripod, putting it on a self-timer and shooting it as many times as you can to get that [...]
newborn baby

Why you need to bottle feed your baby during a newborn photo shoot?

Newborn Baby | Understanding food and immunity If you are a first time parent, struggling to understand why your baby couldn't sleep the moment you stop latching. This article will helps you to understand the choices that you have for the best of your baby. If you have just breast fed your newborn baby, and [...]
Outdoor Children Photography

Doing children photography in their way and style

Outdoor Children Photography | Do children photography when they are outdoor! The one thing which I find beautiful about children is the inquisitive nature when they are outdoor, exploring their own world. This is also the best time to rest your mind and see the intrinsic traits of your children. While most kids may look [...]
Children Room Decoration

Children Room Decoration | Photo Frames | Step by step guide to decorate your children room

Children Room Decoration The year is coming to an end again and it is a good time to get those pictures you have taken to be printed. Sort them out and have them hang in your children room. Our quick fix guide will help you on how you can do it yourself. Hanging pictures on the [...]
children photography

Children photography is about getting dirty and sweaty!

Fun children photography always lead to getting dirty and sweaty! It’s outdoor, getting dirty and sweaty. Probably a 1/10 chance of landing a hard fall which may causes some bruises here and there. And if you have phobia of seeing blood, you might just land yourself in a heat concussion not knowing what to do [...]
Black and white photograph

Black and White Photograph | What is special about black and white?

Above illustration requires viewing over desktop/laptop PC. Black and white photograph Back in the early days when the first camera is made. It is just monochrome, also known as black and white photograph. Without technologies advancing, we can never have our colorful photographs today. That being said, photography has also evolved itself. Less photographers process [...]
Baby Photography Tips

5 Tips Baby Photography

Baby Photography Tips If you love simple and natural looking baby photograph and you are intending to do it on your own but not sure how to get started, here are some useful tips which may work for you! Use natural light or simple lighting techniques to light up your baby Natural light is sometimes [...]
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