Newborn Photography | Pet Photography | Little Illia

Newborn Photography | Pet Photography

Newborn Photography | Pet Photography

She’s the little one who smile twice during her newborn session and her baby shower. It is a pleasure to be their photographer because I get to capture her smile two times when she was a newborn.

But that’s not all, she had another smiley shot with her paw paw friend!

For newborn baby, smiling is not something that is predictable however there’s tell tale signs before they smile. And this is Illia – well fed and satisfied!

Newborn sessions are very different as compared to the daily care that is needed, because baby are taken out of their comfortable swaddle and dress in baby costume. Usually if they don’t make a fuss, it is still possible to continue with the photo session. However it will be impossible, if you are expecting baby to be wide open and cooperating.

Newborn Photography | Pet Photography

So you can imagine why we were so delighted!

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And our friendly customer drop us a compliment on our facebook page!

Newborn Photography

Being a pet photographer is probably an aspiration

Pet Photographer | Newborn Photography

Being a pet photographer is probably an item on my wishlist

Don’t forget them, especially when you had them when they were as young as 3 weeks old. The time you spent with them is greatly appreciated, and it is no doubt why they get a little jealous or ignorance to your little one.

When you have a baby, it is natural that you’ll start to think about allergies and sometime it’s so compelling that you may want to give your other half to a better family who can still care for them.

While there maybe other circumstances which drive us to make a choice, the Tan family isn’t paranoid about having their pet dog – Xiaobai going near their newly born baby. And I was really astonished when I first arrive at their door expecting a fierce bark from their dog. But it was entirely different.

What I saw when I arrived at their home was a little fluffy fellow running towards the door with a two ‘short’ woofs as if he is expecting someone. With a warm personality, he ran out to me when the door open and started licking me. I guess that is a welcoming sign, and started believing that this session is going to turn out very well.

But I was wrong, because things doesn’t always go with our positive feelings. The first half of the session was extremely challenging because baby wasn’t into deep sleep. And Xiaobai is a culprit as well, because he kept coming to send his love to us.

So with two and a half hours gone, it is usual that I go for my short break before I resume work.

Back at work, things are much smoother because baby start to go into deep sleep after his second fed. But we only manage to get some simple shots of him and Xiaobai in our vintage tub. And before we can go further, it is another two hours gone for the third feeding session.

Lady luck greeted us as we get more productive with baby cooperating through the session. We were really thankful because seeing the images work for our client is definitely rewarding!

Newborn Photography meant a lot to us because we place close attention to your baby comfort. While it may sound long for a five hour session, most time is spent waiting for baby to go into sleep while we exchange little chat with you. No rushing, because a total experience is what we believe in developing with you since the start.