Newborn Photography | Pet Photography | Little Illia

Newborn Photography | Pet Photography

Newborn Photography | Pet Photography

She’s the little one who smile twice during her newborn session and her baby shower. It is a pleasure to be their photographer because I get to capture her smile two times when she was a newborn.

But that’s not all, she had another smiley shot with her paw paw friend!

For newborn baby, smiling is not something that is predictable however there’s tell tale signs before they smile. And this is Illia – well fed and satisfied!

Newborn sessions are very different as compared to the daily care that is needed, because baby are taken out of their comfortable swaddle and dress in baby costume. Usually if they don’t make a fuss, it is still possible to continue with the photo session. However it will be impossible, if you are expecting baby to be wide open and cooperating.

Newborn Photography | Pet Photography

So you can imagine why we were so delighted!

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Newborn Photography

Pet Photography with Baby Matteo

Pet Photography

Pet Photography with Baby Matteo

It has always been something which I wanted to attempt with newborn photography for families who keep pets. It’s rather challenging because it’s tough not knowing what will happen if we put your little bunny beside your baby, and most importantly, we are rather skeptic about allergy reactions as well. Why? I got a severe allergy rhinitis and sinusitis, so I know how bad it get when I get my lapse.

But look at the bright side, because having little companions beside your baby can make a difference for your photograph. All we need is just a little caution to be sure that they don’t hop onto your baby or get a little nib.

In this session, we are fortunate to photograph baby Matteo & his little bunny companion which we attempted some basic introduction before the actual photo was taken to be sure that he smell family!

Adding on, we also add on some new props during this session for an idea pondering during last year, and it did work! We managed to have a sitting pose for baby Matteo.

Special thanks to Shanny and Waitat for their patience during the photography session.

Oops, did I forget to mention that I lost my way when I was going to their place in an urban city?

Just for a laugh and have a good long weekend celebrating SG50 & national day with your family!