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Newborn Photography Little Sage

Newborn Photography Little Sage

Little Sage smile through her newborn photography session following Little Zach’s photo shoot.

And it is really pleasing because it is so hard to have newborn baby who smile naturally for a few times during the photo session. Although our session looks lengthy with a 5 hours duration, it is the best for newborn because we need that constant breaks to ensure they are given the maximum comfort during the photography session.

Newborn photography is taken between the 5th to 10th days period because their looks doesn’t last more than two weeks. Most families who have missed the newborn session for their first child, know how precious it is!

The second reason why we take newborn during this period is because they usually follow a routine of going to sleep after being fed.

Last but not all, sleeping baby always look sweet!

Thankful that the session works well, and we have received a honest feedback from Little Sage’s parents!

Newborn Photography Testimonial

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Newborn Photography

Newborn Photography Prop

Newborn Photography
Newborn Photography

Newborn Photography Prop

I never thought I could put an old prop in use given it has been collecting dust at my home for the last 5 years. This used to be a prop which we used for kids and babies but we decided to give it a go when mother Stephanie ask if we have any props related to music given it is her profession. But what goes behind is much more endearing because this is not simple at all for newborn babies. On the difficulty scale, this is probably the hardest that I have done! And it is on an exceptional case that we are doing it for a mother’s love.

For little Zach, this is his second session with us, as the first one didn’t really work out well. Sometimes newborn babies can just be as fussy if they are still hungry even though their stomach is probably just the size of a peanut!

For us, we never carry on sessions if babies are fussy. Our priority in newborn sessions is about the baby’s comfort. After all, it is the joy that we are capturing for your family!

So let’s go look at little Zach fleeting moments!

Natural Light Newborn Photography with Tan Family

Newborn Photography

Natural Light Newborn Photography

It was absolutely cheerful when I first stepped into the Tan’s family home. The environment was filled with very good natural light and more importantly there was this little tinkle star who was giggling when I arrived at their place. It bring a lot of heartiness even when I was doing the retouch work on the images that we did for them. I think environment with good light is one thing, and the more obvious reason behind why this session works really well was because they were a very cheerful and positive family.

It can be very hard most of the time when we first met, hardly knew each other and there’s probably a little gap between us and your family. So we prefer not to start on dot, as this definitely build up anxiety and stress. That explains why our photography session are easily half a day long keeping it comfortable for your baby and your family.

There’s a lot of advantages when it comes to home photography session, although there will still be challenges. Some of it are listed below for considerations:

  1. Your home got most of the things you would need. Less preparations needed, no headaches of thinking about this or that, just keep positive!
  2. No need to race with time, less worries and anxiety means you would look more comfortable and natural.
  3. With kids around, staying at home means lesser distractions. Getting your attention is definitely minimized!
  4. Ample time to feed baby and allow rests in between for us to have breaks as well.
  5. The natural comfort of being at home – you know how it feels when you reached back home!
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Our Top 10 Newborn Photographs

newborn photographers

It is one of the toughest job being newborn photographers. And you need a little stroke of luck in photography to get a good shot, and sometimes a single piece of work may just take too much time and attempts to get that perfect looking shot for a baby who is barely a week old.

So we often balance between aesthetic results against time spent for a single shot. This gave us sufficient time to have family photographs – a must do because it is a complete thing for a family!

Over the last 7 years, we handled over a hundred of newborn babies including premature babies as small as 2kg. And the biggest newborn we ever handled is around 4kg, probably a heavy weigh champion. The toughest of the two is actually the bigger baby because handling a 4kg is really no easy feat. And this is also the reason why we often ask about the baby weight so we can plan our session with the right props.

With this in mind, you can be assured that your session will turn out great with those beautiful images of your newborn baby!

Family Kids Photography

Family Kids Photography

Family Kids Photography

It is a growing up record for the kids, and it is also one for the family. This is the record for the Tang family whom I have served the last three rounds since I did the newborn photography for their little angel.

It is amazing to have some records here and there to remember the time that you have together. And this is one of the reasons why families hire photographers to have their photographs taken. It goes down to the basics of having an annual record.

Just a simple update, hope you would loved it too!



Photographing newborn the easy way

Photographing newborn

Photographing newborn the easy way

One of the most challenging issue in newborn photography session is how we get your baby to be asleep when we are photographing them. It is always seen as an easy task by most families during the first week because your baby seems to be sound asleep after you fed them. However, that’s not really true because your baby start getting awake after you remove their swaddle. This is really because newborn babies aren’t able to maintain their body temperature during the first few weeks. So it is normal that they become fussy and uncomfortable!

Meet little Giselle who is just a few days old when we photograph her! We caught her smiling at least twice during the photography session.

If you like a newborn photography session that works for you, consider working with us during the 5th to 8th day period. Our session is inclusive of a chat to help you understand how we conduct our sessions. Speak to us to understand more.

Have a good weekend!

Newborn and Family Photography | Keeping it Simple

Family Photography

Alot of calls kept coming and most questions were asking if you could do Newborn Photography if your baby has passed that golden week – 5th to 10th day period. The short answer is yes but here’s one good reason why families do it during the first two weeks!

It is normal that babies start to come awake more often for milk, and diaper changing from the second week. And from the third week onward, they will sometimes stay awake being adjusted to daytime, or probably asleep but conscious of the environment due to the day light. For some babies, this could be much faster depending on their development.

For newborn photography to work well, it is ideal to do it between the 5th to 10th day term because they are much more ‘curly’ and they get into sleep so quickly after their milk which brings a lot of differences in the images that are produced.

This is also the reason why we have our current promotion to adapt the third week to keep things simple for your baby, have a little head start and most importantly those newborn features that doesn’t last beyond the third week!

We have been doing newborn photography for the last five years with a lot of attention spend on handling your baby and ensuring our sessions are done in a comfortable manner that is suitable for you and your families. Our sessions all begin with a little chat to help you understand how we handle your baby and how some of the images are done even before we begin!

If you like to see some of our past work, please visit us at

Hope our little article can help you and your friends make a simpler choice for your parenting journey!


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Carry your bonding and hopes in life




Little Sophia | Singapore Newborn Photographer

Singapore Newborn Photographer

Little Sophia Newborn Session by Singapore Newborn Photographer

It is the most significant part for any record, because that two weeks look never stay, after they start developing. Either they look more you or your spouse! And having a record for your little one doesn’t mean you have to look stunning, because if you ever flip through your own record, you’ll probably wonder how you look when you were that tiny!

Newborn photography works very well for babies between the 5th to 10th day period, photographing them while they were asleep. For us, our newborn photography starts with a little chat to help you understand how we conduct our session in a comfortable manner that is assuring for you and your baby. These are accumulated from past experiences handling babies, standardizing the way we work, and adapting what is taught from parenting class that you would probably have attended in the hospital as well. So don’t expect anything fanciful!

A newborn photography session usually takes between three to five hours long and sometimes stretches beyond on occasions when you booked your session outside that window period.

So if you want to have some form of records of your little ones, consider doing it early!

Family Portrait with the McCoo

Family Portrait

Family Portrait with the McCoo

It is always interesting to see different families in their homes but yet the most beautiful thing about doing family portrait is that mutual connections in the family when little unexpected incidents take place, we get to watch and capture their moments together.

But don’t get us wrong, it is also great to have some family portrait done to preserve the time together, because we can never pause and go back to those precious moments. With photographs, memories are much more vivid as these lifetime markers remind us of incidents that took place strongly in our heart and mind.

It is enjoyable to see parents cope with their babies, because it is much more real and natural, especially when baby is looking for some form of comfort. Whether you are someone who prefer to attend to baby instantly, or speak calmly, this is something that is about you and your family.

Nothing can be as real!

Studio Photography | Family Photoshoot

family photo studio

Family Photo Studio

In a family photo studio, you get an amazing range of color backdrops which you get to match your favorite colors with your family theme. But this isn’t a color that I would pick, because I will prefer the neutral range which are easier to blend. Fortunately, we gave it a try when our clients request for it.

With a six months old, this is probably one of the better colors to keep things light and chirpy whenever you looked back those images. Especially for a happy and cheerful family, this is definitely some hip colors!

The early part of the photo shoot was quite a challenge, but we manage to overcome it with a little help from her dad and mum.

They were performing a “puppet show” which set off the smiles on this little angel. I am not sure what is shown on the “puppet show” because my eyes were glued to the viewfinder.

The sixth month old is a very precious stage for both the baby and the parents because she just learn to sit, crawl and understood you better. If you have miss newborn photography then this is something you shouldn’t miss!