Cute Newborn Photography | Pilot Greg

Cute Newborn Photography

Little Greg made an amazing debut with us on our latest airplane which was built over a week. We were fortunate to be their newborn photographer because our in-house project was spotted over Instagram – they are not the usual cute props that you see!

The actual story goes like this, it was over Christmas when we received a call for their booking. We were then in the midst of creating a new prop for newborn sessions.¬†With slightly more than 48 hours towards the actual day of the photo session, we rush to get the airplane in colors and packed it with bubble wraps. For those of you who don’t know, spray paint needs a minimum of 7 days to dry properly.

Fortunately, things turn out well on the actual day when we arrived at their place. Somehow, our customer also like the airplane prop which we prepared for her little boy. And she knew it was a plane because of a small propeller that we posted on Instagram.

It is really heartfelt to have families who appreciate the efforts that we made and this keep us going!

Herewith, my biggest thanks to this family for their invited lunch ~ one of the best meals and a trip back home! Thank you for trusting us as well.