Why you need to bottle feed your baby during a newborn photo shoot?

newborn baby

Newborn Baby | Understanding food and immunity

If you are a first time parent, struggling to understand why your baby couldn’t sleep the moment you stop latching. This article will helps you to understand the choices that you have for the best of your baby.

If you have just breast fed your newborn baby, and he is still fussy wanting to latch, then it maybe time to review your techniques and choices.

It is important to keep baby well fed for their development and nutrition needs. While breast milk is the best for antibodies and immunity, we must never confuse ourselves with food and immunity.

Milk is the only source that a baby can depends on for his food and fluid replenishment. And it builds up energy for a baby to keep warm.┬áBaby especially newborn can’t regulate their body temperature as well because they don’t have much insulating fats. Thus they expend energy faster to keep themselves warm.

It is similar to having a regular feeding routine in every two to three hours. It helps to ensure that they are consuming adequately for their growth. If a baby consume less than the usual, there is a tendency that nutrition deficiency may occur.

We cannot assume that every mothers are able to produce ample breast milk for their baby’s need along their development. And this has a lot to do with individual physiques, emotions and lifestyle. Thus it is important to keep options open for the best of your baby.

There is nothing wrong to supply your baby with formula milk after you breast feed them, neither is it wrong to use formula milk. Depending on situations, there are different options available.

Specifically for newborn photography, we always recommend doing bottle feeding because it keep us aware of your baby consumption, eliminating the possibility of feeding. Bottle feeding doesn’t change or affect your baby’s feeding habits. Neither does it choke your baby. When a baby is full, he will use his tongue to push at the bottle, at the same time, you will see milk flowing out from the sides of his mouth.

Whichever choices it is, we believe all mothers are able to make sound decisions for the best of their baby.