Newborn Safety and Comfort

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Newborn Safety & Comfort

Newborn safety and comfort is about creating a conducive environment for the purpose of photographing your baby.

Speaking from experiences, a comfortable newborn session means your baby is not disrupted from his sleep and feeding routine. It is not about patting your baby to sleep, but how your baby continue a routine while we photograph him.

On the contrary, newborn safety is a set of framework that a photographer follows to produce an image. It may consists of the use of props, the pre-assessments to ensure that it is safe to be use and how the baby will be position in the prop.

While there are now certifications for newborn photographers, it is important to find out about the certifications. Some certifications may represent the attendance while others may be for competency reasons. Actual ground experience is still important because situations are never the same, although there maybe common ones.

It is similar to a professional body where the individual’s conduct is important. Most professional body requires their members to adhere to a set of conduct, in their practice and business. This benefits the society and build a positive environment even as competition arises.