Newborn Safety Measures

Newborn Photography

Newborn safety measures are methods that newborn photographers practice to keep their work process simple and safe for the baby. And this is different from photographer to photographer depending on their experience, their work process, their skills and their knowledge about newborn baby.

Let’s try to understand.

For one to gain knowledge, he can pursue an education or a course to help him understand the basic fundamentals of a subject. And courses are available for different levels. However, we must not forget that that one can also gain knowledge through research and reading with the availability of online resources today. But these does not translate into skills until the actual practice where it accumulate one’s experience.

Skill is the ability to perform a task, depending on its difficulties, advance skills maybe needed. In the most basic work for newborn photography, it require one to be able to operate the camera and handle a newborn baby. For advance work which involves the use of props, fabrics and backdrop, it requires advance skill to handle a baby and position the baby comfortably. Finally, up to the expertise level, a seasoned photographer creates his own work and his own props.

We gained experience facing various situations and encounters which deepen our ability to cope and manage. These situations could be similar or they could be new if we have just started in a new industry or job. Gaining experience is an attitude, it is about keeping an open mind to learn, observe and apply what works for you. Take for instance, we usually work without assistant thus our workflow is different from someone who prefer an assistant. So, there isn’t a right or wrong in such situation. However, with adequate knowledge, one must constantly review his workflow to adjust to unforeseen circumstances.

Given thoughts, how can we be sure that our assistant will be the same in the next few years? And how is it wrong for parents to be involved in their own photo session? If it is already wrong, we will have gone back to traditions when your baby is taken right away from you after your delivery. Isn’t this contradicting?

We are already in a knowledge driven society where information is at our fingertips, and there are even classes to impart basic skills needed to care for newborn baby. And it is really about adjusting and applying what is most suitable for your family. Time as a quantifiable value is equal for everyone, but it isn’t depending on individual’s commitments, likewise our physique and mental capacity.