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Newborn Safety Measures

Newborn safety measures are methods that newborn photographers practice to keep their work process simple and safe for the baby. And this is different from photographer to photographer depending on their experience, their work process, their skills and their knowledge about newborn baby. Let's try to understand. For one to gain knowledge, he can pursue an [...]
Singapore Newborn Photographer

Singapore Newborn Photographer | Little Akito from Japan

As a Singapore newborn photographer for the last 9 years, the most memorable experiences still come from cultural exchange. Yes, I meant it, it is an interesting thing to learnt from one another and sometimes these exchange helps to build a harmonious society which is very important for the future generation. So here is my story [...]
Newborn Photography

Cute Newborn Photography | Pilot Greg

Cute Newborn Photography Little Greg made an amazing debut with us on our latest airplane which was built over a week. We were fortunate to be their newborn photographer because our in-house project was spotted over Instagram - they are not the usual cute props that you see! The actual story goes like this, it [...]
Newborn Photography | Pet Photography

Newborn Photography | Pet Photography | Little Illia

Newborn Photography | Pet Photography She's the little one who smile twice during her newborn session and her baby shower. It is a pleasure to be their photographer because I get to capture her smile two times when she was a newborn. But that's not all, she had another smiley shot with her paw paw friend! [...]
Newborn Photography Little Sage

Newborn Photography | Little Sage

Newborn Photography Little Sage Little Sage smile through her newborn photography session following Little Zach's photo shoot. And it is really pleasing because it is so hard to have newborn baby who smile naturally for a few times during the photo session. Although our session looks lengthy with a 5 hours duration, it is the best for [...]
Newborn Photography

Newborn Photography Prop

Newborn Photography Prop I never thought I could put an old prop in use given it has been collecting dust at my home for the last 5 years. This used to be a prop which we used for kids and babies but we decided to give it a go when mother Stephanie ask if we have [...]
Family Photographers

Top 10 Family Photograph From Our Favourites

As family photographers, we get to preserve our clients' best moments. Over the years, we have kept numerous pieces of work which are priceless. When we take family photographs, we usually take it when you are looking at the camera, but here's something that we also do to keep things natural and flowing towards your [...]
Newborn Photography

Natural Light Newborn Photography with Tan Family

Natural Light Newborn Photography It was absolutely cheerful when I first stepped into the Tan's family home. The environment was filled with very good natural light and more importantly there was this little tinkle star who was giggling when I arrived at their place. It bring a lot of heartiness even when I was doing the [...]
newborn photographers

Our Top 10 Newborn Photographs

10 Best Newborn Photograph | Our Collection It is one of the toughest job being newborn photographers. And you need a little stroke of luck in photography to get a good shot, and sometimes a single piece of work may just take too much time and attempts to get that perfect looking shot for a baby who [...]
Family Kids Photography

Family Kids Photography

Family Kids Photography It is a growing up record for the kids, and it is also one for the family. This is the record for the Tang family whom I have served the last three rounds since I did the newborn photography for their little angel. It is amazing to have some records here and there […]

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