Black and White Photograph | What is special about black and white?

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Black and white photograph

Back in the early days when the first camera is made. It is just monochrome, also known as black and white photograph. Without technologies advancing, we can never have our colorful photographs today.

That being said, photography has also evolved itself. Less photographers process black and white photograph these days but they exist because of a reason. Black and white photographs are best known to reduce distraction and they often look journalistic as well if you are photographing street work or covering an event.

Having less distraction in a photograph is a good way to bring focus to the subject. It offers clarity to your expressions. And it could also be a moment worth remembering, unfortunately the colors and the background creates a distraction.

This is also the reason why we convert some images into black and white photograph because colors and backgrounds can be distracting at times. Lastly, black and white photographs offer a classic and artistic look which is timeless!