Children Room Decoration | Photo Frames | Step by step guide to decorate your children room

Children Room Decoration

Children Room Decoration

The year is coming to an end again and it is a good time to get those pictures you have taken to be printed. Sort them out and have them hang in your children room. Our quick fix guide will help you on how you can do it yourself.

Hanging pictures on the wall can be a challenge, but you can keep things simple if you follow our guide:

The first thing you need is to consolidate those images which you have taken in the past, filter them, and keep them in a computer folder before you shortlist them for prints.

Find images which flow seamlessly based on your own aesthetic preferences, make adjustment to the images for their contrast and saturation before you send them out for print.

The next step is picking a photo frame which works for you. In this picture, I am using an Ikea Ribba photo frame which is really affordable and there’s a wide variety of frames design with a few color options. For larger frames, they comes with two mounting bracket which are inserted at the side of the backboard. For safety reasons, I prefer to punch my own holes for additional assurances. Below is an illustration for reference:


If you prefer a customize photo frame, visit your your neighborhood craftsman. The pricing varies according to frame designs and dimension. The advantages of having a customize photo frame is in its quality, and built. Customize frames are permanently sealed to prevent mold and moisture. They also have various options for different mounting needs. To add on, customize frames is sturdy because they are made to last.


Next, you need to decide on the prints from your shortlisted photographs. Personally, I will prefer having a focus. In my case, I have printed the sibling photographs in S8R size with four smaller ones at the side.

For photographs, it is best to print in matt surface to reduce light reflection from the photo. To eliminate reflection from the glass, you can remove it from the photo frame. This gives a unique look for your wall display. Don’t worry about dust because it is much easier to brush them off directly as compared to glass.

Finally, it’s time to decide on the layout for the photo frames. To avoid mistakes, arrange them on the floor until you are pleased. Next, use a pencil to mark the wall with an empty frame. Always, start with the frames at the center of your layout before you do the marking for those on the sides. Remember to give some allowances between each frames. To have a uniform gap between each frames, mark the sides of the frames on your wall.

Once you are satisfied, you can start nailing your first hook. For ease and convenience, you can consider Takker which is a tool for punching hangars into various type of walls. You can Google or Youtube to find out more information.

Hope the quick fix works for you!