Events Photography – Bits and Pieces from Baby Jake’s Celebration at Luxe Sydney

Events Photography | Luxe Sydney | Little Jake

In every event, there’s always a theme and this is usually the brainchild of a loving mother who would sacrifice some sleep hours google-ling for decorations, door gifts, venue and many other things which is easy to miss if you trust the job to me!

I was fortunate to cover for Jake’s full month celebration and was really impressed when I first stepped into Luxe Sydney located at 1 Keong Saik Road. The entire venue was filled with very stunning natural light, extremely cozy and it is mostly open concept where you get to peek inside the kitchen, knowing what’s next on the serving.

Unusual from most events, I was hired earlier to cover the preparation for the event which I get to roam around the venue freely to do my work. It is also heartening to see most of the preparations were done by Tjin, John and some of their friends who arrived earlier. I personally felt it is equally important to have photographs of the event’s preparation as part of the journal for personal memories!

So here you go, hope you would enjoy!