Newborn Photography with Giselle on the 14th day

Newbon Photography with Giselle

Meet little Giselle, we did her newborn photography on her 14th day with a little expectation from us to give her a little extra comfort as she wanted a undisturbed sleep session after her milk. Well, this is common you know, a lot of my little bosses expect this especially during the first part of the session. So what we do, is we still try something simpler before we go for a lunch break.

Sounds unproductive, but the truth is, it’s not going to work if we keep pressing. So we usually let baby rest that additional hour of break, while we grab a quick bite and think over what is needed for the next part of the session. And whether this coincide with your expectation, because every families have their own preferences.

This reminds me of my conversation with a dad who asked about how we master the skills needed for newborn photography and whether we have attended any formal training. The truth is there isn’t much training in local except parenting craft which provides some technical skills that can be transferred over as techniques for newborn photography session.

And in learning, I always believe that there’s only two ways. You get it from someone experience through training classes or you simulate the entire process behind your back brain, process every details and put it to the best use.

There are just many different situations in every sessions but it is a job that needs special attention not just in creative visual.