Newborn Photography Prop

Newborn Photography

Newborn Photography Prop

I never thought I could put an old prop in use given it has been collecting dust at my home for the last 5 years. This used to be a prop which we used for kids and babies but we decided to give it a go when mother Stephanie ask if we have any props related to music given it is her profession. But what goes behind is much more endearing because this is not simple at all for newborn babies. On the difficulty scale, this is probably the hardest that I have done! And it is on an exceptional case that we are doing it for a mother’s love.

For little Zach, this is his second session with us, as the first one didn’t really work out well. Sometimes newborn babies can just be as fussy if they are still hungry even though their stomach is probably just the size of a peanut!

For us, we never carry on sessions if babies are fussy. Our priority in newborn sessions is about the baby’s comfort. After all, it is the joy that we are capturing for your family!

So let’s go look at little Zach fleeting moments!