Tjin Lee | A Newborn Photoshoot For Baby Jake

Tjin Lee | A Newborn Photoshoot For Baby Jake

A little man theme, and a huge coincidence because we have a jumpsuit on the way which matches our client’s expectation.

So when Tjin Lee told us about what she hope to see from her newborn session, we thought ourselves if we could really be that lucky!

On the day of the photography session, we began the session with a little chat to share about how our session works to keep our client assured that the best interest is given to her baby.

The session flows pretty well with more focus for family photography, while we took every opportunity to photograph her number 1. He’s really adorable and has a huge interest for automotive or anything that has wheels.

Initially, it was pretty hard to get his attention as his eyes are all fixed on the wheels but we manage to get him excited when we show him some wheelies that we got in our luggage. This time, we got his attention looking at us with that glow and excitement!

Don’t miss that particular picture because it happens to be our client’s favorite as well!

Well, we know it is a newborn photography session but you know when a newborn baby needs a feeding break, it can stretch between 45 minutes to an hour so we need to get ourselves some fun as well!