Privacy, Data and Protection

We believe in keeping your information safe when you visit our website. As part of PDPA practice, we are sharing how we collect, use, disclose and store your data online for purposes that falls within our services.

What data is collected

By visiting us on our website, we do collect some basic information such as your IP address, browser, device type and country for web statistic that help us in planning our marketing campaign. You are assured that such information does not allow us to identify you as an individual. If you prefer privacy, we would recommend you to browse the web using incognito mode in your browser.

Some addition information would be required if you like to contact us to find out about our photography services, these include your personal name, contact number and your email for us to keep in touch with you.

For customers who have booked our services, it is likely that you would use our order platform to complete your order selection. The order selection would include data such as your name, address, contact number, email and your order details.

How we may use your data

We do not use your contact information for the purpose of email marketing unless you have given your consent to hear from us. There are some situations where we have to use your data to complete a request or fulfillment and they are as follow:

Inquiry Form |

We use such data to reply to your inquiry

Order Fulfillment | Physical Products

To fulfill the delivery request, we need to let the delivery person know who to contact and where to deliver the products. In such cases, we would disclose only the necessary information.

If you prefer self-collection, you may make separate arrangement with us depending on our availability.

Order Fulfillment | Digital Products

If you have ordered digital images from us, the fulfillment is done using our file sharing platform which provide a link for you to download your purchased images. The download link will be sent to your personal email.

The image files are zipped with password and it will only be available for fourteen days thereafter it will be deleted from the server.

Disclosure of data

We do not disclose data that includes your personal information that identify you as an individual at all times unless required by law.

Data Storage

We have to keep order records that includes your data for up to six years as required by the law. These data are not available to public access and they don’t include any sensitive information such as your bank or credit card details.

If you need to contact us regarding matters on our privacy, data and protection.