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Newborn, Baby, Children, Maternity and Family Photography

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Newborn Photographer

Our specialization in Newborn, Baby, Children, Maternity and Family photography was started in 2009. We are known for our unique props and signature work for newborn photography.

Over the years, many customers chose us because our photography style is warm, loving and relaxing. We loved to portray you, your family and your kids when you are having time together. And when it comes to your children, our photographs are what you need to indulge in reminiscence.

Because “Nobody knows how much time is worth, but between you there is an answer.”

We specialize in newborn, baby, children, maternity and family photography.

Hear from our customers!

Newborn Photography is taken for baby when they are 5 to 8 days old. We follow a rigid framework for our sessions to keep your baby safe and comfortable.

baby photography

Photographing baby is an absolute fun, always filled with giggles and hysterical laughter. We take baby from 4-5months onwards depending on their motor development.

children photography

Toddler or Children Photography works the best from 1 year of age from the time they take their first step with you.

Family Photography is the most popular every year, and it is what works for everyone. Most importantly, it brings you together!

Baby photography | Little Riley

Baby Photography
Baby Photography

Baby photography | Little Riley

I have served the Thiemens family since Riley’s birth when I was hired to take her newborn photographs. She was so small then, and I could barely imagine how she look now at one year old.

We plan a simple session for Riley to capture her first year milestone although it is a family photography session. It is fun to photograph a one year old toddler because they are more expressive at this stage. Not to forget, those chubby fingers, baby fats and that innocent look on their face.

Baby photography is something that can be very fun or frustrating depending on the mood of the baby.  For us, we are fortunate because Riley was happy enjoying the company from her grandparents and siblings who became our photography assistants.

Special thanks to the Thiemens Family!

Baby Photography

Can you guess who help us with setting bubbles?

We couldn’t have done it without the help from her mummy and siblings!

Studio Photography | Family Photoshoot

family photo studio

Family Photo Studio

In a family photo studio, you get an amazing range of color backdrops which you get to match your favorite colors with your family theme. But this isn’t a color that I would pick, because I will prefer the neutral range which are easier to blend. Fortunately, we gave it a try when our clients request for it.

With a six months old, this is probably one of the better colors to keep things light and chirpy whenever you looked back those images. Especially for a happy and cheerful family, this is definitely some hip colors!

The early part of the photo shoot was quite a challenge, but we manage to overcome it with a little help from her dad and mum.

They were performing a “puppet show” which set off the smiles on this little angel. I am not sure what is shown on the “puppet show” because my eyes were glued to the viewfinder.

The sixth month old is a very precious stage for both the baby and the parents because she just learn to sit, crawl and understood you better. If you have miss newborn photography then this is something you shouldn’t miss!

5 Tips Baby Photography

Baby Photography Tips
Baby Photography using natural light

Baby Photography Tips

If you love simple and natural looking baby photograph and you are intending to do it on your own but not sure how to get started, here are some useful tips which may work for you!

  1. Use natural light or simple lighting techniques to light up your baby

Natural light is sometimes known as window light or available light which is coming from the outside of your home. To have the maximum natural light, keep your windows open when you are photographing your baby.

When using natural light, position your baby to face the window with his/her back against a support. It is good to use a yoga mat or play mat that will reduce the impact of a bump.

  1. Use a clean background if you prefer the focus to be on your baby

Use a clean background if you want to capture the natural looks of your baby. It can be your walls or a piece of rug that is huge enough for you to frame them within your viewfinder.

  1. Get an assistant!

An assistant role depends on the nature of your photography work. In baby photography, the primary assistant should be someone who is helping to attend to your baby while you are photographing at a distance.

Remember your assistant help is about keeping your baby safe, and happy so she can project her intrinsic traits during your photo shoot session. Assistant must always be at a close distance with your baby!

  1. Do it right after their nap, or meal and avoid play times.

This is about your baby portrait. It is one of the ways to preserve their traits, expressions and behavior. Getting a good baby portrait is tough although the final image looks simple. Think of the best time you can get their responses with minimal use of props or toys. That is the intrinsic traits that is unique for your baby.

Over the years, we have observe that the best time to photograph baby portrait is after their nap. You’ll probably have less than an hour before they get hungry as baby still follow a routine for their meals and nap. Plan your shoot, as this will help save time and get better images which represent your baby.

  1. Your baby photography milestone should go in sync with their motor developments.

You probably heard it’s best to do it between the 5th to 6th month. And it is really true because most babies will have been able to sit on their own without assistance. And they are also able to support themselves up on their tummies. These may sound like some usual shots that you see, but wait til you try them out on your own and you will realize they aren’t as simple at all!

There are many other interesting shots that can be done to remember your baby, and these depends on your intervention in their motor development. You can also consider what is unique about your baby, for instance, some baby enjoy nibbling on their toes. This isn’t about doing glam shots, it is your baby’s unique deposition.

Lastly, if you find it challenging to do your own baby photography. You can always hire a professional baby photographer. Remember, they grow up too fast before you know you will miss their baby looks!

Baby Photography | Simple and natural baby looks | Singapore Photographer

Baby photography

Our style of doing baby photography is simple and engaging.
“We enjoy doing a little boo with some baby talk to get your baby all excited!”


baby photography

Our work for baby photography focus on their personalities, capturing the most endearing moments of their baby’hood!


baby photography

We take baby photography sessions between the 5 to 9 months period. This is also the most precious timing since they are most expressive!


baby photography

For baby photography, we do outdoor, studio as well as home sessions. Depending on what you prefer, there is definitely one that you can do for their precious memories!

children photographer
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