Home Children Photography

Home Children Photography

Kids Photography

This is the second part for the Thiemens family after we photograph Little Riley. There are some usual portraits, and some fun-filled photos with the siblings taking a splash in their pool!

Well, my favorites are definitely the ones we had at the pool. It is much more memorable to me because you get to see the kids laughing and taking huge dips. To add on, their kids are really fun, friendly and warm up easily.

It takes a little  time to warm up with kids even though there’s many articles that tell you how easy it is to get started. With different families, it works differently as well. Children we worked with range from age between 2 to 10 years of age, and it doesn’t get any easier with the grown ups. This has nothing to do with our understandings and lingo; more naturally it is your child’s personality, their daily activities and the environment you gave them.

As kids photographer, our observations are important because we need to wait for the kids to be ready. It is about setting a comfortable stage for them to work with us and different kids take situations differently as well. To make a session work well, we got to be bigger kids, lead them into the fun and make them smile.

This is also why it is rewarding to be a kids photographer!

Home family photography

home family photography

Where else is more comfortable than your own home?

Home family photography works the best if you have little ones with you. It is also the best place because you will definitely be less tense, looking the most natural in your family photo.

Believe it or not, majority of us will think that it’s not going to work if we are going to do it at home because we are shaped to think this way – Does it really work?

Well, it really depends. Say if you lived in a beautiful home, and you are used to the conventional way of going to a studio for your photograph then it is likely that the photography session may not turn as well.

This is the real secret behind every photography session. Your mood is the most important when it comes to photography while the techniques and experience of a photographer does compliment a session through creating comfortability and assurance. But there’s always a limitation on what a photographer can do.

So in order to get good images, it is ideal to go after your preference than getting a deal because if the session doesn’t go well, you’ll still be happy. Isn’t that easy?

We are happy to be able to work with the Li family for their family portrait at their cozy home and it was really a breeze for us even if it is the first time we are photographing a young adult!