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Little Sophia Newborn Session by Singapore Newborn Photographer

It is the most significant part for any record, because that two weeks look never stay, after they start developing. Either they look more you or your spouse! And having a record for your little one doesn’t mean you have to look stunning, because if you ever flip through your own record, you’ll probably wonder how you look when you were that tiny!

Newborn photography works very well for babies between the 5th to 10th day period, photographing them while they were asleep. For us, our newborn photography starts with a little chat to help you understand how we conduct our session in a comfortable manner that is assuring for you and your baby. These are accumulated from past experiences handling babies, standardizing the way we work, and adapting what is taught from parenting class that you would probably have attended in the hospital as well. So don’t expect anything fanciful!

A newborn photography session usually takes between three to five hours long and sometimes stretches beyond on occasions when you booked your session outside that window period.

So if you want to have some form of records of your little ones, consider doing it early!