Pet Photography with Baby Matteo

Pet Photography

Pet Photography with Baby Matteo

It has always been something which I wanted to attempt with newborn photography for families who keep pets. It’s rather challenging because it’s tough not knowing what will happen if we put your little bunny beside your baby, and most importantly, we are rather skeptic about allergy reactions as well. Why? I got a severe allergy rhinitis and sinusitis, so I know how bad it get when I get my lapse.

But look at the bright side, because having little companions beside your baby can make a difference for your photograph. All we need is just a little caution to be sure that they don’t hop onto your baby or get a little nib.

In this session, we are fortunate to photograph baby Matteo & his little bunny companion which we attempted some basic introduction before the actual photo was taken to be sure that he smell family!

Adding on, we also add on some new props during this session for an idea pondering during last year, and it did work! We managed to have a sitting pose for baby Matteo.

Special thanks to Shanny and Waitat for their patience during the photography session.

Oops, did I forget to mention that I lost my way when I was going to their place in an urban city?

Just for a laugh and have a good long weekend celebrating SG50 & national day with your family!

Newborn Photoshoot with the Tan Family

Newborn Photoshoot

Newborn Photoshoot with the Tan Family

It was a splendid experience for us to serve the Tan Family. While the session wasn’t easy, it turns out well with a little patience, which comes from the understandings and trust given by our customers.

A lot of times, you may hear families crediting the effort to us on the patience and dedicated attention which we provide for their baby. But the truth is the families themselves have given as much during the photography session by being understanding and helpful.

Would you agree that it takes two hands to clap?

Outdoor Maternity Photography in Sentosa

Outdoor Maternity Photography

Outdoor Maternity Photography

It’s only a bridge across and most of us know Sentosa is a really fun destination where you get to explore different activities situated around the little island.

If you ever want to do outdoor photography and hope to get away from the usual crowd, then consider going Sentosa because there’s so much that we can do here compared to a fixed location.

This is the first time which I took a family for maternity photography in an outdoor location. It was an amazing trip because we get to move around a few spots for the family photo session.

Why you need to bottle feed your baby during a newborn photo shoot?

newborn baby
newborn baby

Newborn Baby | Understanding food and immunity

If you are a first time parent, struggling to understand why your baby couldn’t sleep the moment you stop latching. This article will helps you to understand the choices that you have for the best of your baby.

If you have just breast fed your newborn baby, and he is still fussy wanting to latch, then it maybe time to review your techniques and choices.

It is important to keep baby well fed for their development and nutrition needs. While breast milk is the best for antibodies and immunity, we must never confuse ourselves with food and immunity.

Milk is the only source that a baby can depends on for his food and fluid replenishment. And it builds up energy for a baby to keep warm. Baby especially newborn can’t regulate their body temperature as well because they don’t have much insulating fats. Thus they expend energy faster to keep themselves warm.

It is similar to having a regular feeding routine in every two to three hours. It helps to ensure that they are consuming adequately for their growth. If a baby consume less than the usual, there is a tendency that nutrition deficiency may occur.

We cannot assume that every mothers are able to produce ample breast milk for their baby’s need along their development. And this has a lot to do with individual physiques, emotions and lifestyle. Thus it is important to keep options open for the best of your baby.

There is nothing wrong to supply your baby with formula milk after you breast feed them, neither is it wrong to use formula milk. Depending on situations, there are different options available.

Specifically for newborn photography, we always recommend doing bottle feeding because it keep us aware of your baby consumption, eliminating the possibility of feeding. Bottle feeding doesn’t change or affect your baby’s feeding habits. Neither does it choke your baby. When a baby is full, he will use his tongue to push at the bottle, at the same time, you will see milk flowing out from the sides of his mouth.

Whichever choices it is, we believe all mothers are able to make sound decisions for the best of their baby.

Black and White Photograph | What is special about black and white?

Black and white photograph
newborn photography

Above illustration requires viewing over desktop/laptop PC.

Black and white photograph

Back in the early days when the first camera is made. It is just monochrome, also known as black and white photograph. Without technologies advancing, we can never have our colorful photographs today.

That being said, photography has also evolved itself. Less photographers process black and white photograph these days but they exist because of a reason. Black and white photographs are best known to reduce distraction and they often look journalistic as well if you are photographing street work or covering an event.

Having less distraction in a photograph is a good way to bring focus to the subject. It offers clarity to your expressions. And it could also be a moment worth remembering, unfortunately the colors and the background creates a distraction.

This is also the reason why we convert some images into black and white photograph because colors and backgrounds can be distracting at times. Lastly, black and white photographs offer a classic and artistic look which is timeless!

Newborn Photography | Natural & Sweet Looking Baby Photo

Newborn Photography

Newborn Photography | Our Portfolio

Newborn photography is a specialized genre involving techniques, and baby knowledge. Our sessions are designed for newborn baby between the 5th to 8th day period. Before each session, you will get to know our workflow and how our signature work are created with your baby’s safety as priority.

Our session is done at your home (on-location) for your confinement needs. It is also easier to do it during this period because baby is asleep. This allows your baby to continue her routine with minimal disruption.

(Image Collection from 2015)


newborn photography

Our newborn photography session is up to 5 hours, you will never be worrying that your baby couldn’t get any forms of break for their milk and hugging time!


newborn photography

We start our session with a chat to help you understand the flow of our session, how your baby will be handled, and how some shots are done. We believe having lesser anticipation is a better experience for you!

Beautiful Images

newborn photography

Most importantly, if you like what we do here, then it is our job to keep the highest quality of work for your lasting moments. After all, newborn looks only last that few days!

Customers chose us for our props and signature work. They are our unique points because you can’t find them elsewhere especially for those that we made in house.

To keep you delighted, we are more than glad if you let us know the ones you prefer for your baby’s first photo-shoot.

Packages and Preparations Guide

newborn photography preparations
Newborn Photography Pricing

Our Recent Newborn Assignments

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