Outdoor Maternity Photography in Sentosa

Outdoor Maternity Photography

Outdoor Maternity Photography

It’s only a bridge across and most of us know Sentosa is a really fun destination where you get to explore different activities situated around the little island.

If you ever want to do outdoor photography and hope to get away from the usual crowd, then consider going Sentosa because there’s so much that we can do here compared to a fixed location.

This is the first time which I took a family for maternity photography in an outdoor location. It was an amazing trip because we get to move around a few spots for the family photo session.

Children photography is about getting dirty and sweaty!

children photography
children photography

Fun children photography always lead to getting dirty and sweaty!

It’s outdoor, getting dirty and sweaty. Probably a 1/10 chance of landing a hard fall which may causes some bruises here and there. And if you have phobia of seeing blood, you might just land yourself in a heat concussion not knowing what to do next.

And guess what, children don’t bother all these! Space is a freedom of expression. It’s a way to show their personalities, tell you who they are and what they are capable of doing. Likewise, this is also the best time to bond with them, guide them and toughen their physics in outdoor conditions. I know how that feels for most of us who sit in the office for eight hours, and going out under the sun is something that’s extraordinary unpleasant!

But if you look at the brighter side, going for outdoor activities once a while could be a form of unlocking that mind to allow better concentration in your work. Yes, I am not kidding here, for regular joggers, you should know what I am talking about. It helps you focus better when you sweat it out.

Outdoor children photography is a continuous record of their childhood and the gift of the time which will be given to them as memories. It is also a good way to preserve some family shots during the session. And they are never the same given the way they were brought up. Some pick up everything they see on the floor, some started poking into the soil, and some started plucking the greenies. Your child’s personality is unique on its own, and it could be you in your younger days.

Worth or not, it’s a choice. We can only tell when time fade on it’s own. But it is definitely invaluable as we look back at what we have preserved from the past with what we have now.

Children Photography | Bubbly fun & the fascinating outdoors with Singapore photographer

children photography


children photography

It lives with them as they grew, a childhood starts right from the day you bond with them.


Children photography is one of the best way to preserve those elusive moments which are easily forgotten.


It is those growing up memories that will last a lifetime!

Consider as early as toddler’s stage if you are intending to preserve a childhood for them. It is also a memory for you and your family. The best time is really when they just started walking. This is also when you can see the best of their personalities, and their expressions.

Going outdoor is the best place to consider for children photography. There are many places that are worthy for thoughts. They include the usual playgrounds, beaches, water plays and even a short walk along the rustic shop houses. Believe us, you will be amazed by the contrasting results!

children photography
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