Photographing newborn the easy way

Photographing newborn

Photographing newborn the easy way

One of the most challenging issue in newborn photography session is how we get your baby to be asleep when we are photographing them. It is always seen as an easy task by most families during the first week because your baby seems to be sound asleep after you fed them. However, that’s not really true because your baby start getting awake after you remove their swaddle. This is really because newborn babies aren’t able to maintain their body temperature┬áduring the first few weeks. So it is normal that they become fussy and uncomfortable!

Meet little Giselle who is just a few days old when we photograph her! We caught her smiling at least twice during the photography session.

If you like a newborn photography session that works for you, consider working with us during the 5th to 8th day period. Our session is inclusive of a chat to help you understand how we conduct our sessions. Speak to us to understand more.

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