Family Portrait with the McCoo

Family Portrait

Family Portrait with the McCoo

It is always interesting to see different families in their homes but yet the most beautiful thing about doing family portrait is that mutual connections in the family when little unexpected incidents take place, we get to watch and capture their moments together.

But don’t get us wrong, it is also great to have some family portrait done to preserve the time together, because we can never pause and go back to those precious moments. With photographs, memories are much more vivid as these lifetime markers remind us of incidents that took place strongly in our heart and mind.

It is enjoyable to see parents cope with their babies, because it is much more real and natural, especially when baby is looking for some form of comfort. Whether you are someone who prefer to attend to baby instantly, or speak calmly, this is something that is about you and your family.

Nothing can be as real!

Studio Photography | Family Photoshoot

family photo studio

Family Photo Studio

In a family photo studio, you get an amazing range of color backdrops which you get to match your favorite colors with your family theme. But this isn’t a color that I would pick, because I will prefer the neutral range which are easier to blend. Fortunately, we gave it a try when our clients request for it.

With a six months old, this is probably one of the better colors to keep things light and chirpy whenever you looked back those images. Especially for a happy and cheerful family, this is definitely some hip colors!

The early part of the photo shoot was quite a challenge, but we manage to overcome it with a little help from her dad and mum.

They were performing a “puppet show” which set off the smiles on this little angel. I am not sure what is shown on the “puppet show” because my eyes were glued to the viewfinder.

The sixth month old is a very precious stage for both the baby and the parents because she just learn to sit, crawl and understood you better. If you have miss newborn photography then this is something you shouldn’t miss!

Family Photography

family photography

Family Photography is about preserving those moments that matters to you!

I started doing family photography as early as 2009 spending nearly 3 years to discover my personal style which is inspired by the differences in each families. These differences are not what set families apart, but they are merely personality traits, and lifestyle.

Looking beyond a yearly record, my style in family photography is one that you felt comfortable, having that time together. These are elusive moments that we often missed!


Maternity Photographer

It is definitely about fun and bonding which bring a family together! This is why we believe you should carry the bonding and hopes in life!


baby photography

Nobody knows how much time is worth, but between you there is an answer. Family photography is about preserving what matters to you most.


newborn photography

Because this is where it all started. And it is also why most families do their family photography every year to maintain a record.

family children photography
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Maternity, Pregnancy Photography | Natural and Glamorous

Maternity photography


maternity photography

Our work for maternity photography focus on your personalities, your family & your lifestyle. Right from the 33rd weeks onward, we take maternity photography session for outdoor, studio and home sessions.


Transiting into motherhood is a beauty and we see maternity photography differently as you begin a new discovery on your own be it from a personal or physical experience.


After all, what can be as memorable as your first pregnancy? Experience counts, talk to us and we tell you more!

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