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Singapore Newborn Photographer

As a Singapore newborn photographer for the last 9 years, the most memorable experiences still come from cultural exchange. Yes, I meant it, it is an interesting thing to learnt from one another and sometimes these exchange helps to build a harmonious society which is very important for the future generation.

Newborn Photographer
Newborn Photographer
Newborn Photographer

So here is my story with Little Akito and his family.

When I first arrived at their place, I was overwhelmed by their hospitality because Maki-san came down personally to get me, so you can imagine how I felt. And when I reached their residence, I was totally awe because it is really very well kept and clean. I know this may sound normal but if you agree with me, a family who just had a newborn baby at home, you will probably have things here and there. My home is probably a disaster in comparison, with my props everywhere!

As I begin to unpack my stuffs for the setup, their family render a lot of help which makes my life so easy! And the best part, they have everyone seated for my session chat. It is something that I started practicing since 2011. The purpose of having a session chat is to help clients understand how the process flow for our newborn photography session. In addition, I usually take this chance to reiterate how newborn babies are handled which is adapt from the parent craft course. I always believe that it is good to maintain some standard practices which is common and useful for parents.

Our newborn session with Little Akito was really smooth, because he just dozed off after nursing. And we had a little bit more surprised when we were rounding up the session with a few more family photographs. This is when we saw him smile in his daddy’s arm!

We ended the photo session with Little Akito smiling!

Singapore Newborn Photographer

Ending the session with a baby smiling in his daddy arm really makes my day, but seeing the delight on their faces give me a personal satisfaction. While I was leaving their residence, we were all bowing non-stop and I was totally immersed by this polite culture!

If you are following my Instagram, you will probably know that I brought my younger daughter during delivery and she got a Hello Kitty Sanrio envelope that she kept like some treasure in her secret shelf!

Little Sophia | Singapore Newborn Photographer

Singapore Newborn Photographer

Little Sophia Newborn Session by Singapore Newborn Photographer

It is the most significant part for any record, because that two weeks look never stay, after they start developing. Either they look more you or your spouse! And having a record for your little one doesn’t mean you have to look stunning, because if you ever flip through your own record, you’ll probably wonder how you look when you were that tiny!

Newborn photography works very well for babies between the 5th to 10th day period, photographing them while they were asleep. For us, our newborn photography starts with a little chat to help you understand how we conduct our session in a comfortable manner that is assuring for you and your baby. These are accumulated from past experiences handling babies, standardizing the way we work, and adapting what is taught from parenting class that you would probably have attended in the hospital as well. So don’t expect anything fanciful!

A newborn photography session usually takes between three to five hours long and sometimes stretches beyond on occasions when you booked your session outside that window period.

So if you want to have some form of records of your little ones, consider doing it early!

Newborn Photography | Natural & Sweet Looking Baby Photo

Newborn Photography

Newborn Photography | Our Portfolio

Newborn photography is a specialized genre involving techniques, and baby knowledge. Our sessions are designed for newborn baby between the 5th to 8th day period. Before each session, you will get to know our workflow and how our signature work are created with your baby’s safety as priority.

Our session is done at your home (on-location) for your confinement needs. It is also easier to do it during this period because baby is asleep. This allows your baby to continue her routine with minimal disruption.

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newborn photography

Our newborn photography session is up to 5 hours, you will never be worrying that your baby couldn’t get any forms of break for their milk and hugging time!


newborn photography

We start our session with a chat to help you understand the flow of our session, how your baby will be handled, and how some shots are done. We believe having lesser anticipation is a better experience for you!

Beautiful Images

newborn photography

Most importantly, if you like what we do here, then it is our job to keep the highest quality of work for your lasting moments. After all, newborn looks only last that few days!

Customers chose us for our props and signature work. They are our unique points because you can’t find them elsewhere especially for those that we made in house.

To keep you delighted, we are more than glad if you let us know the ones you prefer for your baby’s first photo-shoot.

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